2023 retrospectives, v13 package updates, 24 Days in Umbraco climax and more...

UMB.FYI 2023-12-27


24 Days

📰 Building Umbraco UI EFfortlessly

Jesper Mayntzhusen discusses how to import external data with EF Core and work with it in Umbraco Backoffice using Umbraco UI Builder. He covers setting up the database tables, EF Core database models and context, generating migrations, importing content, and setting up UI Builder. He also demonstrates configuring list view, editor fields, and saving/deleting movies. The code is available in the provided GitHub repository.
📰 Making your website more sustainable

Jeroen Visschers discusses the impact of digital development on the environment and shares tips for making web projects more sustainable. He emphasizes the importance of small changes, such as optimizing images, using native HTML elements, and adopting efficient design principles, to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to a greener web.
📰 Astro-nomically Performant Websites using the Content Delivery API

Astro, a JavaScript static site generator, and Umbraco's Content Delivery API (CDA) can be combined for a performant website. Astro's flexibility, extensibility, and performance, along with CDA's OpenAPI Specification, enable easy data retrieval and URL generation. Building an Umbraco client in TypeScript for Astro pages and components is demonstrated, showcasing the power of this combination for a performant and flexible website.
📰 CI/CD Process Umbraco on AWS

Erik-Jan Westendorp discusses hosting Umbraco within AWS, covering setup, service connection, S3 bucket configuration, connection string setup, containerization pipeline, and release pipeline for AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS).
📰 Umbraco & Docker Containers. What, why, and how?

Containerization can simplify development, testing, and deployment processes for Umbraco applications, potentially reducing carbon emissions. It allows replicating production environments, unifying development and production, and reducing hosting costs. Docker is a popular container management framework, and containerization can also reduce embodied carbon emissions and provide cloud-agnostic architecture. However, it requires training and may pose security and support challenges. Liam Laverty provides a detailed hands-on guide for implementing a containerized Umbraco application using Docker.
📰 ’Tis The Season for Merrymaking and Friend-Making

The holiday season prompts reflection on the Umbraco community's significance and the comfort it brings. Making friends as adults can be challenging, but the Umbraco community fosters meaningful connections and support beyond the holidays. Cultivating this spirit of community year-round is essential.
📰 Umbraco Modular Monolith. The Untold Story.

Adrian Ochmann discusses the benefits of modular monolith architecture, particularly in the context of Umbraco. He explains how it offers a balance between simplicity and scalability, and its integration with vertical slices. He provides examples of folder structures and module integration in Umbraco, and highlights the adaptability and future-proofing of this approach. Adrian encourages further exploration of modular monoliths and vertical slices in software architecture.
📰 Create an Umbraco package test environment using PowerShell

Richard Soeteman discusses automating the creation of test sites for Umbraco packages using a PowerShell script, dotnet CLI, and Umbraco unattended install option. The process includes setting variables, creating a solution file, building and running the site, and modifying the Umbraco StarterKit to test package functionality.



📰 How to add security headers to your Umbraco 13 website

Paul Seal provides code to enhance security in a .NET 8 website by setting security headers. He includes a custom middleware class and instructions to update the Program.cs file to use the middleware. These headers can be customized for improved security.
📰 uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 13

Umbraco 13 is supported until 2026. uSkinned Site Builder 6 is optimized for Umbraco 13, featuring Bootstrap 5.3.2, improved responsiveness, advanced customization, and accessibility. It also offers enhanced image formatting and social link accessibility. Instructions for upgrading and installation are provided.


Watch & Listen

📺 umbraCoffee - HO HO HO, Umbraco 13 is coming to town!

This "umbraCoffee" episode discusses various topics, including Umbraco 13, community events, and highlights from the year. The hosts, Marcin and Callum and guests, share experiences, discuss updates like Umbraco 13's smooth transition, and touch on community events like Umbraco Spark and Community Day. The conversation spans technical details, reflections on the year, and anticipation for the future, emphasizing community engagement.
📺 Best Programming Resources Form 2023 For .NET, C# & Windows Developers

Jon D Jones discusses the best programming resources for .NET, C#, and Windows developers in 2023. He highlights the most-watched videos on the presenter's channel, controversial news about the mocking framework "Mock," Microsoft's updates, Umbraco's releases, and the discontinuation of Visual Studio on Mac. He also shares thoughts on the growing popularity of C# and recommends thought-provoking articles. Movie recommendations for tech enthusiasts conclude the review, emphasizing a positive outlook for C#.NET and Windows development in 2024.



📦 Our.Umbraco.SuperEasyRss

A package for creating an RSS feed for your Umbraco blog or news section
📦 Examine v3.2.0

Bug fixes, docs updates, efficiency improvements



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