Umbraco UI Builder launch, appsettings-schema.json for packages, implementing custom error pages and more

UMB.FYI 2023-11-01


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📰 Introducing Umbraco UI Builder

Umbraco UI Builder is a new data management tool for Umbraco, simplifying data handling and configuration. It automates the creation of custom management interfaces, saving development time. UI Builder offers a low-code approach, aligning with Umbraco's UI concepts, providing data sovereignty, and being available through Umbraco Cloud or as an add-on subscription for web agencies.
📰 Umbraco Authorized Services 0.3

Umbraco Authorized Services 0.3, a new release, brings improved stability, security, and updated dependencies. Users can trust this package for secure access to Umbraco backoffice services, making it easier to integrate external services while adhering to best practices.



📰 How to Include appsettings-schema.json Files in Umbraco Packages

To enable intellisense for Umbraco appsettings.json, create a custom appsettings-schema.json file for your project. Include this file in your Umbraco package. Modify your package's msbuild targets file to specify the UmbracoJsonSchemaFiles and ensure the intellisense feature works during the project build.
📰 Migrating Umbraco packages to Umbraco 14 - Adding and Deleting Criteria

Andy discusses adding and deleting criteria in Umbraco. It covers how to create and manage criteria rules in the Umbraco CMS. It provides a step-by-step guide for adding, editing, and deleting criteria to refine content targeting and personalization in Umbraco.
📰 Index PDFs on their pages in Umbraco

Jesper guides users on indexing PDF files to display them on specific pages in Umbraco. It explains how to integrate PDF.js with Umbraco to render PDFs directly on web pages. The process involves indexing PDFs, using Document Types and Macros, and customizing the viewer for a seamless user experience.
📰 How I learnt a new programming language over Hacktoberfest: by creating an Umbraco segment for Oh My Posh

Warren shares his experience of learning a new programming language during Hacktoberfest by creating an Umbraco segment for Oh My Posh, He highlights the process, challenges, and benefits of the project, emphasizing the importance of open-source contributions in skill development and community engagement.
📰 Umbraco: Boot failed: Umbraco cannot run. When upgrading to Umbraco 12

Markus discusses a "boot failed" issue that sometimes occurs when upgrading to Umbraco 12. It provides insights into the problem's origins, offers a step-by-step solution to resolve it, and highlights the importance of understanding Umbraco's architecture to handle such issues efficiently.
📰 What to pack when going to a conference?

Owain offers practical advice on what to pack when attending a conference. It covers essential items like power banks, chargers, comfortable shoes, and recommends bringing business cards. He also highlights the importance of networking, being prepared, and staying comfortable throughout the event.


Watch & Listen

📺 umbraCoffee #299 - UI Builder

Episode 299 of "umbraCoffee," discusses various updates and releases related to Umbraco, including the release of Umbraco 12.3 with Delivery API updates and the release of a testing library for the Gov UK components. Guest Matt also introduces UI Builder, a developer-focused tool for managing user-generated content. Episode 300 is teased as a special episode at Umbraco UK Fest.
📺 Returning a View with a custom Model - Umbraco CMS 10

Rich, demonstrates how to return a view with a custom model in Umbraco CMS 10. He follows the documentation for creating a custom controller, separating business logic from the view, and using a custom view model that inherits from the base model. The goal is to keep the business logic in the controller rather than the view.
📺 Working with Partial Views in Umbraco

Learn how to work with partial views in Umbraco, allowing for the reuse of website components across various views. The demo shows how to create partial views for a Jumbotron and a footer, integrating them into the main template. This technique enables the flexible rendering of different components in a Umbraco project.
📺 U.S. Summit session recordings

Relive all the great session of the U.S. Summit including topics such as Demystifying the DXP, Human Centered Data, Maximize Your Impact: The ChatGPT Advantage and more
📺 How to implement custom error pages in Umbraco 10 and higher

Paul discusses implementing custom error pages in Umbraco 10 and higher. He covers steps like installing Umbraco with the clean starter kit, configuring error handling, creating error pages, and testing error redirection. The tutorial ensures proper HTTP status codes for errors and also highlights the importance of using Model Builder.
📺 Composability & sustainability. How do they align? - Webinar with Umbraco & Enterspeed

Discussions about the importance of composability in businesses, focusing on the challenges and benefits. The conversation emphasizes the need to reduce data transfer for sustainability and the significance of making websites faster and more efficient. It's recommended that companies should consider a composable approach based on their specific needs and that transitioning to a composable architecture is a gradual process.



📆 Umbraco Meetup Odense - Connecting the Umbraco delivery API to a frontend

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 at 5:00 PM to Wednesday, November 1, 2023 at 7:00 PM CET - Billedskærervej 17 · Odense
📆 Umbraco UK Festival 2023

2nd & 3rd of November 2023 @ 31 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EY
📆 Umbraco Fundamentals Training Course

Monday, November 6th 2023 - Online, North America - €1150
📆 Extending the Backoffice Training Course

Tuesday, November 7th 2023 - Online, North America - €1150
📆 Security in Umbraco Training Course

Wednesday, November 8th 2023 - Online, North America - €1150
📆 Umbraco Minneapolis - November In Person Meetup

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at 4:00 PM to Wednesday, November 8, 2023 at 6:00 PM CST - Park OffiCenter, 5775 Wayzata Blvd #700 · St Louis Park, MN



📦 UFPayments

UFPayments is a powerful Umbraco Forms package designed to allow users to effortlessly integrate secure payments into their Umbraco Form.
📦 Umbraco TheStarterKit

The default starter kit for Umbraco
📦 ThePensionsRegulator Umbraco Testing

Helper code for unit testing Umbraco applications, and in particular applications built using ThePensionsRegulator.Umbraco.
📦 CSPManager

Enabled CSP management with in the Umbraco back office



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