Umbraco v13 LTS launched, Umbraco Commerce technical webinar, a sack full of packages and more...

UMB.FYI 2023-12-20


Umbraco HQ

📰 Umbraco Product Update - December 2023

Umbraco 13, a major release, brings new features. Security patches for Umbraco versions 8, 10, 11, and 12 are available. Umbraco Cloud now offers Umbraco 13 as the default option for new projects. Umbraco CI/CD Flow graduates from beta, and security features are extended to all plans. Add-ons are prepared for Umbraco 13, with enhanced editor tools in Umbraco Forms, improved content transfer in Deploy, and advanced search in Workflow. Patch releases and other news are also highlighted.
📰 Umbraco 13 LTS Release

Umbraco 13, an LTS version, features .NET 8 and C# 12, Dynamic Root, Blocks in RTE, Webhooks, nested field features, and more. Umbraco Cloud offers seamless upgrades and new features.


24 Days

📰 Create an Umbraco package test environment using PowerShell

Richard discusses automating the creation of test sites for Umbraco packages using PowerShell, dotnet CLI, and Umbraco unattended install. He demonstrates creating a test site, adding package code, creating a solution file, and modifying the Umbraco StarterKit for testing.
📰 How to build and release an Umbraco starter kit as a .NET Project Template

Dean Leigh & Aaron Sadler discuss creating a custom dotnet project template from an Umbraco Starter kit, utilizing uSync and GitHub Actions for CI/CD, and sharing it on Nuget and Umbraco Marketplace. They detail the process, including GitHub Actions workflow, uSync import, and packaging for distribution.
📰 Custom Icons with an Enum-Based Data Picker

Contentment is a customizable package for Umbraco's backoffice, offering features like icon picker and data list. Using C# Enum, custom icons can be added and rendered in a user-friendly picker for the editor.
📰 Enhancing the Content Editor Experience

Content editors often express frustration with Umbraco, but the issue is usually with the implementation. Improving the content editing experience with rich text editor stylesheets and macros can greatly enhance efficiency and satisfaction.
📰 Equitable digital products and services for People and Planet!

In 2023, the focus was on creating sustainable digital products and services, with a new Sustainability Community Team at Umbraco and a growing awareness of the intersection between accessibility and sustainability. Looking ahead to 2024, there is an expected increase in demand for accessible and sustainable digital products, driven by client demand and upcoming legislative changes, such as the European Accessibility Act and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Prioritizing accessibility and usability improves the overall user experience and supports long-term sustainability.
📰 Do once, use twice with the Delivery API

Kenn discusses building two blogs, headless and traditional, using the Umbraco Delivery API. He covers data model, CORS setup, React and Razor implementations, property expansion and limiting, querying, and use cases for the Delivery API.
📰 Eco-Friendly Web Development: Harnessing SSG and Prerendering for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The cloud's rapid growth raises environmental concerns due to its carbon footprint. Sustainable system design, like Static Site Generation and JAMstack, reduces energy consumption, carbon emissions, and operating costs, promoting a greener digital ecosystem.
📰 Headless Personalization using uMarketingSuite

Umbraco's headless architecture, including Umbraco Heartcore combined with uMarketingSuite, offers APIs for personalized content delivery and tracking. By integrating uMarketingSuite, tailored visitor experiences are easily achieved in both traditional and headless Umbraco environments.



📰 Using Webhooks in Umbraco 13 to send messages to Slack

This post shows you how to use Webhooks in Umbraco 13 to send messages to Slack
📰 When does != true != !true?

Jason discusses the nuances of logical operators in C#, using a contrived example of a "Liar" struct to demonstrate how operators can be overloaded to manipulate logic and comparisons in unconventional ways. He highlights the flexibility and power of operator overloading in C# and encourages readers to explore this feature.
📰 Umbraco & SecurityHeaders

To improve security in modern Umbraco (9+) you can install the NetEscapades.AspNetCore.SecurityHeaders nuget package and create a new extension class with the specified code. Then call the extension method within your startup.cs. For further details, visit the NetEscapades package's GitHub repository.
📰 Umbraco 13 has now been released

Umbraco 13, released on December 14th, 2023, operates on .NET 8 with C# 12, offering new features such as a redesigned login page, block usage in the rich text editor, and webhooks. It's the next long-term supported version, emphasizing the importance of regular updates for improved stability and security.
📰 Tutorial: How to get started with .NET Aspire & Umbraco 13

.NET Aspire is a modular, high-performance framework for web applications. This tutorial covers creating a .NET Aspire application, adding Umbraco, resolving known issues, and exploring the Aspire Dashboard.


Watch & Listen

📺 Umbraco Commerce Technical deep dive Webinar

The "Umbraco Commerce Technical Deep Dive Webinar" discusses the technical aspects of Umbraco Commerce, highlighting its integration with Umbraco and customization capabilities. The webinar covers topics such as customization, payment gateway integration, flexible pricing, product variants, inventory synchronization, and scalability. The presenters demonstrate examples and answer questions from the audience, emphasizing Umbraco Commerce's flexibility, ease of use, and potential for various e-commerce setups.
📺 Umbraco 13 is out now

Umbraco 13, the long-term support version, was released with new features including dynamic routing, blocks in the Rich Text Editor, and web hooks. The update supports .NET 8 and C 12, replacing Xpath with dynamic routing. For more details, a blog post and video are available. Installation is simplified through
📺 Unboxing Umbraco 13

Unboxing Umbraco 13 introduces the latest major version running on .NET 8 ASP.NET Core 8 with long-term support until December 2026. The release includes new and improved features. Highlights of .NET 8, such as time abstractions and the spread operator, are discussed. Umbraco 13 adopts the minimal hosting model, simplifying initialization. A new login screen and dynamic routes replace XPath, with a farewell to macros. Other features include improved block handling, expanded requests, and updated media delivery API. The unboxing video showcases contributors and highlights significant changes in Umbraco 13.



📦 MediaWiz.Forums 13.0.0

Umbraco 13/.net8 support
📦 UmbCheckout 1.3.1

Fixes an issue where the backoffice settings area would break when Umbraco is in production mode
📦 UmbNav 3.0.0

Adds support for Umbraco v13
📦 CMSImport.DataProviders.RSS

CMSImport RSS data provider adds an extra data provider for CMSImport to support RSS import.
📦 CMSImport.DataProviders.JSON

JSON data provider makes it possible to import JSON files and feed using CMSImport.
📦 CMSImport.DataProviders.Wordpress

CMSImport Wordpress data providers adds extra data providers to support Wordpress import.
📦 CMSImport.DataProviders.BlogML

CMSImport BlogML data providers adds extra data providers to support BlogML import.
📦 S95.Umbraco.GoogleTranslate

Plugin for Umbraco CMS which integrates Google Translate.
📦 S95.Umbraco.OpenAI

Plugin for Umbraco CMS which integrates OpenAI.
📦 Umbraco.Commerce.PaymentProviders.Buckaroo

Buckaroo payment provider for Umbraco Commerce
📦 Umbraco.StorageProviders

Storage Providers is an extension from Umbraco that provides a CDN media provider and can replace the default physical file storage.
📦 UFormKit

UForm Kit is a package for Umbraco which enables you to create and manage multiple contact forms on your site



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