Migrating to .NET Aspire, Generating a Content Delivery API TypeScript client, Skrift issue 101 and more...

UMB.FYI 2024-01-10



📰 Skrift Issue #101

Featuring guest posts by Jeroen Koppenol on Centralized Logging with Umbraco and Jen Wolke on Block Power!
📰 How to solve the Umbraco Deploy schema mismatch error Database type is different

Paul Seal encountered a schema mismatch error while transferring content between Umbraco Cloud environments. He sought help from a friend and resolved the issue by updating the database type field.
📰 Generating a TypeScript OpenAPI client from Umbraco's Content Delivery API

Rick Butterfield describes migrating a website to use Umbraco's Content Delivery API and generating a TypeScript client to pull content. He also discusses extending the API, generating a TypeScript client using openapi-generator-cli, and using the generated client to fetch and display content.
📰 Quick Tip: Adding a Saved Search to LogViewer in Umbraco with code

Package developers in the Umbraco community should consider adding a Saved Search to the Log Viewer to help users filter or find logs related to their package. This involves adding a package migration plan and saved searches using code snippets. These saved searches can help users find logs specific to the package and improve their experience.
📰 Tutorial: How to migrate an existing Umbraco website to .NET Aspire

Dennis Adolfi discusses migrating an existing pre-Umbraco 13 website to .NET Aspire, covering steps such as upgrading Umbraco, migrating files, adding .NET Aspire support, and resolving potential issues. The tutorial aims to help readers successfully transition to .NET Aspire.



📆 Sustainability best practices webinar

2024-01-10 from 15:00 to 16:00 - Online event
📆 Headless Series: Next.js Meets Umbraco 12 Headless: A Developer's Dream Duo

2024-01-10 from 16:00 to 17:00 - Online on googleHangout
📆 Umbraco Winter Keynote

2024-01-16 from 16:00 to 17:00 - Online event



📚 Extending the Backoffice

Jan 16, 2024 - Online, Europe - €1150
📚 Application Integration

Jan 18, 2024 - Online, Europe - €1150



📦 jcdcdev.Umbraco.ReadingTime

Custom Data Type for calculating reading time
📦 Limbo.Umbraco.Fetch

Umbraco package for periodically downloading files to disk.



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