Umbraco Winter Keynote 2024, Meet the Commerce Community Team, uMarketingSuite 2.0 and more...

UMB.FYI 2024-01-24


Umbraco HQ

📰 Meet the new Commerce Community Team

The Commerce Community Team is announced and comprises individuals with extensive commerce experience and aims to focus on seamless integration, strategic positioning, and technical feedback. The team will work on strategic plans and explore industry trends to shape the future of Umbraco Commerce.



📰 Explorative Testing With Chrome And Azure DevOps

The Test and Feedback extension is a valuable tool for exploratory and accessibility testing, capturing essential data and offering note-taking and redaction options for screenshots. It supports both standalone and connected modes, with additional features when connected to Azure DevOps.
📰 SQL Server Distributed Cache On Umbraco 9+

The Distributed SQL Server Cache allows using an SQL Server database as a distributed cache. To implement this in an Umbraco project, install the Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.SqlServer package, configure appsettings.json, add dependencies, and execute a SQL script. More details can be found in the provided Microsoft .net documentation.
📰 Quick Tip: Debugging Umbraco webhooks with Ngrok

Johan Reitsma discusses using Ngrok to debug webhooks in a .NET project environment. They provide steps for setting up the project to handle webhook data, creating models, and a controller for processing webhook requests. The article also includes basic configuration of Ngrok for testing and debugging local environments with online webhooks or APIs.
📰 uMarketingSuite 2.0 Product Update

uMarketingSuite 2.0 is released, featuring Umbraco 13 support, ASP.NET Core optimization, and a new personalization segment parameter. Upgrading from uMarketingSuite 1.x.x to 2.0 is feasible, with bug fixes and improvements included.
📰 Considering our Carbon Footprint in web development

Adam Shallcross emphasizes the importance of reducing the digital carbon footprint in website development. Efficient coding, image and video optimization, minimizing server requests, caching, and choosing green web hosting providers are key strategies for creating sustainable websites and contributing to a greener internet.


Watch & Listen

📺 Webhooks in Umbraco CMS

This tutorial introduces web hooks in Umbraco CMS, demonstrating how to enable them in the settings, create a new web hook with a specified URL and event trigger (e.g., content published), and view successful deliveries. The presenter uses a web hook testing site to showcase real-time event-driven communication within Umbraco CMS.
📺 Getting Your Head Around Headless Commerce with Matt Brailsford

In this video, Matt Brailsford, Commerce Technical Team Lead at Umbraco, introduces the new headless API for Umbraco Commerce. He emphasizes the growing significance of headless commerce, citing survey data showing increased flexibility and agility. Matt discusses the implementation of Umbraco's headless API, provides insights into its features, and showcases a headless commerce store example, encouraging users to explore the GitHub repository for a hands-on experience.
📺 Umbraco Winter Keynote 2024

The Umbraco Winter Keynote 2024 featured panelists discussing the company's achievements in 2023, including 40% growth, sustainability efforts, and a successful new partner program. They emphasized community engagement with new meetups and events, showcased updates to Umbraco Cloud and Commerce, and addressed questions about version choices and future growth, aiming for 25% annual growth. The focus remained on maintaining a friendly community feel despite the company's expansion.



📆 UmbraCymru - Virtual Umbraco Meetup, January 2024

2024-01-24 from 18:30 to 20:30 - Online event
📆 Umbraco London January 2024 - Social

2024-01-25 from 18:30 to 21:30 - Shoreditch, London, GB
📆 Umbraco Gold Coast Meetup

2024-01-31 from 18:00 to 20:00 - Koben Digital, 237 Scottsdale Dr, Robina, AU
📆 Umbraco "Red Alert" Online Games Night

2024-01-31 from 21:00 to 23:00 - Online event
📆 Ali Graham : Car Park hack and Phil Whittaker : Intro the new Umbraco Backoffice

2024-02-01 from 18:00 to 20:00 - NetConstruct, 10 South Parade, Leeds, GB



📚 Security in Umbraco

Jan 24, 2024 - Online, Europe - €1150



📦 UFPayments v2

UFPayments seamlessly integrates Umbraco Forms with leading payment providers Mollie, Adyen and Stripe.



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