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📰 Umbraco Community Quarterly - January 2024

The Umbraco Community Quarterly is a new series providing insights, spotlights, and opportunities for the Umbraco community, including updates on Community Teams, MVP nominations, diversity and inclusion, Hacktoberfest, Umbraco Festivals, meetups, and contributing partners.



📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 Packages : Communicating with the server! - Part 4 - FrontEnd!

Kevin Jump shares the code for a dashboard component and explains how to update the interface, make requests, and observe changes using an OpenApi client and context. They also mention revisiting skipped topics and references Umbraco documentation.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 Packages : Communicating with the server! - Part 3 - Context

Kevin Jump discusses the concept of "contexts" comparing them to Umbraco v13 and AngularJs concepts, explaining its role, instantiation, setup, properties, methods, and exportation for use in other elements.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 Packages : Communicating with the server! - Part 2 - Stores

Kevin Jump takes a look at the use of Stores and Repositories in the new Umbraco v14 UI and how they are used for server communication.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 Packages : Communicating with the server! - Part 1

Kevin Jump discusses the changes in Umbraco v14 for communicating with the server from the front end, introducing Context, Repositories, Stores, and Resources. They explain the new approach for creating an API controller and generating a client using openapi-typescript-codegen.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Contexts > Resources.

Kevin links to a sub series of posts to help explain server communication for early adopters to Umbraco v14.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Entry Points.

The Umbraco package can be defined in the umbraco-package.json file, with an entry point extension specified. Using TypeScript for defining elements provides advantages and separates package areas, reducing the need to alter umbraco-package.json.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Umbraco Package Template

Kevin Jump shares a package template for Umbraco v14, providing instructions for installation, creating a new package, using the project, developing with javascript files, and contributing on Github.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Package Structure

Umbraco v14 is introducing a new backoffice with WebComponents, Typescript, and Lit. Kevin Jump shares insights on setting up project structures for Umbraco packages and provides early adopter advice. The post includes detailed steps for creating the solution, dependencies, Vite integration, and package layout.
📰 Block Icons for Umbraco

This icon pack offers 490+ high-quality, hand-crafted icons for Umbraco CMS, enhancing the back-office user experience. Icons are themed in Umbraco’s blue brand color and come with licensing options for single developers and agencies. A free 5-icon sample is available for download.
📰 Themed Based Views - Using a view engine in Umbraco

Johan Reitsma discusses the implementation of a custom view engine in Umbraco for managing multiple sites with different looks but shared elements, using code and configurations to achieve this. They emphasize the reuse of ideas from other developers and recommend reading specific blogs for inspiration.
📰 Schema Builder For Structured Data Building And Testing Schema Markup

Adding schema markup to your site improves SEO and voice search results. "Schema Builder for Structured Data" is a useful Chrome extension for building, testing, and improving structured data, but it lacks error details and keyboard navigation support.
📰 Community Corner - Sam Forrest

Sam Forrest, a frontend developer, shares his journey into the Umbraco community, highlighting its tight-knit nature and the support he has received. He discusses his transition from teaching to development and the challenges and learning experiences he has encountered. He emphasizes the importance of open source communities for learning and growth, and the helpfulness of the Umbraco community. He also mentions his efforts to stay updated with the latest developments in Umbraco and related technologies.


Watch & Listen

📺 Deep dive into Rich Text Editor: Default implementation

Alina provides a tutorial on implementing the default configuration of Umbraco's Rich Text Editor, a built-in property editor. She guides viewers through setting up a homepage, configuring the editor, and customizing options such as format styles and dimensions. Alina also discusses rendering content on the frontend and hints at extending the editor with plugins in the next video.
📺 umbraCoffee

UmbraCoffee's 2024 kickoff features hosts Callum, Emma, and Stephie discussing recent activities and events speaking. Together they share past experiences of organizing events, and tips and tricks for submitting talks for events and ideas on what to expect being a speaker.



📆 Umbraco Gold Coast Meetup

2024-01-31 from 18:00 to 20:00 - Koben Digital, 237 Scottsdale Dr, Robina, AU
📆 Umbraco "Red Alert" Online Games Night

2024-01-31 from 21:00 to 23:00 - Online event
📆 Ali Graham : Car Park hack and Phil Whittaker : Intro the new Umbraco Backoffice

2024-02-01 from 18:00 to 20:00 - NetConstruct, 10 South Parade, Leeds, GB
📆 Milton Keynes Umbraco Meetup Social Kickoff

2024-02-01 from 19:00 to 20:30 - Prominent Media Ltd, 1 Ravenglass Croft, Milton Keynes, GB
📆 Umbraco Meetup (København)

2024-02-07 from 16:30 to 19:30 - Nyropsgade 41A, 6 sal, Nyropsgade 41A, København, DK


Umbraco Spark CFP Deadline

Wed, 31 Jan 2024
Codegarden 2024 CFP Deadline

Fri, 02 Feb 2024



📚 Umbraco Fundamentals

Feb 05, 2024 - Online, North America - €1200
📚 Extending the Backoffice

Feb 06, 2024 - Online, North America - €1200
📚 Umbraco MVC & Visual Studio

Feb 07, 2024 - Online, North America - €1200



📦 SeoChecker 13.1

This release is all about caching.
📦 Limbo.Umbraco.Seo

SEO package for Umbraco 9.
📦 UmBootstrap 0.2.1

Adds Umbraco v13 support
📦 Allyy.Recommendation

A package to synchronize recommendations to a table in Umbraco DB
📦 Cogworks.CogFlare

A package that helps automatically purge CloudFlare cache



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