Umbraco Contributing Partners, Umbraco Commerce Features in uMarketingSuite, Elastic Search in ExamineX and more...

UMB.FYI 2024-02-07


Umbraco HQ

📰 Announcing: Umbraco Contributing Partners 2023

Umbraco celebrates 43 Platinum & Gold Contributing Partners of 2023, including 17 new and 26 returning agencies, recognized for their exceptional contributions to the open-source project and community. The Contributing Partner status signifies a commitment beyond the ordinary, with agencies going the extra mile to improve Umbraco.



📰 uMarketingSuite - Boosting sales and Customer Experience for Umbraco Commerce

uMarketingSuite now interacts with Umbraco Commerce data, enabling recognition of returning customers, instant interaction with abandoned shopping carts, and unlocking order history on Visitor Profile level. This allows for personalized content, boosting sales and customer engagement.
📰 Skrift issue #102

Featuring guest posts by Janae Cram on Implementing Reusable Pagination in Umbraco and Jen Wolke on To Reuse, or Not to Reuse (Content), That is the Question
📰 Umbraco Early Adopter Gotcha - AUTH'ing requests

In order to perform server interactions, it's essential to include authentication. The process involves consuming the auth context and setting OpenAPI.TOKEN to the Umbraco one to ensure authentication.
📰 Umbraco Early Adopter Gotcha - Remember Return

Kevin Jump discusses common mistakes in using Umbraco v14, focusing on the "render-return" issue and the need to remember the return statement in the render() method for elements. He also note that styles are static and do not require a return statement.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Header Apps and Modals.

The new Umbraco backoffice promises flexibility and customization, including the ability to customize the header bar buttons. This involves defining a manifest, creating a header element, adding a popup modal, and calling and closing the modal. Detailed code is available on GitHub.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Content Apps

Umbraco 14 introduces Workspace views, replacing Content Apps, offering more flexibility. Custom workspace views can be added to various parts of the Umbraco UI, such as content, media, doctypes, and more. Example and code for creating a custom workspace view are provided.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Workspaces

Kevin Jump discusses creating a workspace in Umbraco v14, explaining its components like manifest config, linking to a menu item, workspace element, content, views, and workspace context. He also highlight potential pain points and future plans.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Sections, sidebars and menus

In Umbraco v14, creating a custom section with a sidebar and tree is straightforward. The process involves defining a section, adding a dashboard, creating a sidebar app, and adding a menu and item. All configurations are available on GitHub.


Watch & Listen

📺 Deep dive into Rich Text Editor: Adding plugins

The video explores extending the Rich Text Editor in Umbraco through plugins, leveraging TinyMCE's open-source nature. Demonstrates adding a "word count" plugin via appSettings.json, enabling word count display in the editor's status bar. Future videos will cover further customization, including block configuration.



📆 Umbraco Meetup (København)

2024-02-07 from 16:30 to 19:30 - Nyropsgade 41A, 6 sal, Nyropsgade 41A, København, DK
📆 Umbraco Oslo February Meetup

2024-02-14 from 17:00 to 20:00 - Nova Consulting Group, Karl Johans gt. 16, Oslo, NO



📚 Umbraco MVC & Visual Studio

Feb 07, 2024 - Online, North America - €1200
📚 Application Integration

Feb 08, 2024 - Online, North America - €1200
📚 Searching and Indexing with Examine

Feb 12, 2024 - Online, North America - €1200
📚 Load Balancing & Azure

Feb 13, 2024 - Online, North America - €1200



📦 Umbraco.Community.Sustainability (Alpha)

A package from the Umbraco Community Sustainability Team which helps developers and editors see and improve the carbon impact of their websites.
📦 AYM.SeoToolkit.Umbraco.Sitemap

An Umbraco plugin to easily setup a sitemap
📦 PictureRendererForkUmbraco

Simplify rendering of HTML picture element



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