Umbraco's 19th Open Source Anniversary, Umbracodegen NPM Package, Creating A Low Carbon Umbraco Website and more...

UMB.FYI 2024-02-21


Umbraco HQ

📰 uProfile February 2024 - Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson shares his journey into the Umbraco community, emphasizing the supportive and welcoming nature of the community. He discusses his contributions, learning experiences, and future plans, highlighting the importance of being nice, competent, and punctual. He also shares fun facts about his music-making endeavors and personal interests.



📰 SEOChecker Purge option for broken inbound links

On February 20, 2024, V13.2 of SEOChecker was released, fixing bugs and adding a purge option for inbound link errors to clean up old, unfixed errors automatically. Users can adjust or disable this feature in the app settings.
📰 Unveiling Umbraco CMS: A Developer’s Guide to Content Delivery API (Final Part)

Accessing Umbraco's Content and Media APIs via Swagger documentation allows developers to understand and extend query parameters for custom content filtering and indexing. This empowers tailored API usage for unique business needs.
📰 umbracodegen: generating boilerplate code for the new Umbraco backoffice

On 19th Feb 2024, I delved into Umbraco Bellissima and created umbracodegen, an open-source tool for generating boilerplate for Umbraco components. It's rough but aims to speed up component creation for the new backoffice. Install via npm.
📰 Creating A Low Carbon Umbraco Website

Etive Mòr launched in late 2023 to provide sustainability measurement APIs. They rebuilt their website using Umbraco, reducing CO2e emissions by 95% and achieving significant improvements in page weight and energy consumption. They utilized Umbraco's Content Delivery API and SSG for a low-carbon architecture, reducing CO2e emissions and costs. Their devops pipeline was designed to minimize carbon emissions, and their design focused on simplicity and low-bandwidth assets. They exceeded their 50% carbon reduction target and aim to keep software-related CO2e emissions low.
📰 Setting Up Keycloak Authentication for Umbraco back office

Umbraco, a popular CMS, can be integrated with Keycloak for secure authentication. The process involves setting up Keycloak, configuring Umbraco, and testing the integration. The GitHub repository contains all the necessary code for implementation.
📰 Elastic Search with Umbraco

ExamineX for Umbraco now supports Elastic Search, allowing reliable index persistence and easy scaling. The beta release is free for up to 100 documents, with installation and configuration details provided. See the post for details on how to send feedback and how to request a trial license.
📰 Umbraco Early Adopter Gotcha - Empty Buttons.

When defining a button in the new UI, avoid placing the closing tag on a new line to prevent rendering issues. Keep the closing tag at the end of the line to avoid an empty button.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Custom Modals

Kevin Jump discusses creating custom dialogs in Umbraco v14. It covers the components of a custom modal, including modal data, modal value, modal token, and modal element, with code examples and explanations. The post also emphasizes the importance of adding a manifest for the dialog.
📰 Early Adopter's Guide to Umbraco v14 - Opening Dialogs.

Kevin Jump discusses using the modal manager to open dialogs in Umbraco, such as the icon picker and confirm modal, and provides code examples for implementing these features. The article also lists notable modals that can be opened using the modal manager.


Watch & Listen

🎧 DXTalk x Jeffri Shahul Hamid

Jeffri, a digital agency guest from Southeast Asia, shares insights on the digital experience industry. With 20 years as an entrepreneur, he discusses client-centric tech solutions like integration, security, and offshoring. Emphasizing security, scalability, and cloud, he highlights partnerships with Umbraco and AI's role in CMS systems, alongside Bolette, Jonas, and Lasse, stressing clear goals and tech stacks for project success.
📺 Happy 19th Birthday Umbraco

In 2005, Umbraco 2.1 was open-sourced, marking its 19th birthday. This video presents a fun travel back in time setting up Umbraco 2.1 on a dated IBM ThinkPad running Windows XP Professional. It highlights the installation process, including database setup, directory permissions, and creating content. Despite technical hiccups, Umbraco's potential for easy content management shines through.
📺 Deep dive into Rich Text Editor: Style formats

This video explores creating custom format styles in Rich Text Editor (RTE). It covers configuring stylesheets, adding custom styles, and enabling them in block configurations. Additionally, it explains programmatically setting style formats via appSettings.json, requiring application restart. Customization options include headers and gradient text.



📆 Umbraco Sydney meetup - February 2024 - Hybrid Event

2024-02-21 from 18:00 to 20:00 - Microsoft Reactor, Level 10 / 11 York Street, Sydney, AU
📆 UmbraCollab - Bellissima edition: Gmaps property editor

2024-02-22 from 13:00 to 14:00 - Online event
📆 Dan Lister : Advancing the Umbraco Cloud & Jonny Muir : Develop with purpose

2024-02-22 from 18:30 to 20:30 - BrightHR, Victoria Place, Manchester, GB
📆 UmbracoTees Day (Feb 2024)

2024-02-23 - All Day - Online
📆 .NET South West CMS Special : If Carlsberg did .NET Content Management Systems

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 6:30 PM to Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 8:30 PM GMT Lewins Mead · Bristol
📆 Unpackaging Packages - How to share your Umbraco updates, features and templates

2024-02-27 from 19:30 to 21:30 - Clock Warehouse, Derby, GB



📦 uSync.Complete.Hangfire

Hangfire helpers for uSync.Complete
📦 umbracodegen

Generate boilerplate code for building v14+ Umbraco packages
📦 jcdcdev.Umbraco.RelationsManager

Create and manage relations for any Umbraco relation type



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