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UMB.FYI 2024-02-28


Umbraco HQ

📰 Umbraco Product Update - February 2024

Umbraco is introducing a new format for product updates, with four significant updates a year. Umbraco 14 beta is set for May 30, 2024, with new features and improvements across all products and services. Umbraco Cloud is adding dedicated environments and a fresh look, while Umbraco Heartcore and Umbraco Commerce are also getting updates. The company is also focusing on sustainability and preparing for the biggest Umbraco event of the year, Codegarden.



📰 Skrift Issue #102

Featuring guest posts by Jen Wolfe on "To reuse, or not to reuse (content), that is the question" and Janae Cram on "Implementing reusable pagination in Umbraco"
📰 6 Months as an Umbraco Package Developer: What I Learned

Corne Hoskam reflects on his 6-month journey as a lead developer at uMarketingSuite, highlighting his work on adding Headless functionalities, transitioning to .NET Core, integrating with Umbraco Commerce, and preparing for Umbraco 14's tech-stack overhaul. He expresses excitement for the future and invites feedback.
📰 Accidentally exposing user data by extending the Umbraco page model

Umbraco content models can inadvertently share data between users, leading to security issues. Best practice is to create view models that inherit from the page model to avoid this problem.
📰 Technical Talks: Windows Laptop Configuration

Preparing technical talks with speaker notes on Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides can be challenging when the screen is behind you. Two potential solutions are using a second device for speaker notes or wirelessly extending the laptop screen onto the venue's screen.
📰 Quick Tip: Using the tool Better Commits for generating commits.

Jeroen Smink's blog features "Better Commits," a CLI tool for creating clear and standardized commit messages, enhancing collaboration and project history. It offers interactive prompts, customizable settings, and integration with workflows, making it indispensable for developers. Configuration and branch naming features are also highlighted.


Watch & Listen

📺 umbraCoffee - Happy birthday Umbraco, Commerce team, Community and other things...

Your monthly dose of umbraCoffee with host Marcin as well as 6 x Umbraco MVP and community activist Owain Williams and some newly announced members of Umbraco Commerce Community Team.



📆 Umbraco Chit & Chat: Ignite Conversations, Spark Connections!

2024-02-29 from 16:00 to 16:30 - Online on googleHangout
📆 How to Structure Your Content in Umbraco: Talk and Discussion

2024-02-29 from 18:00 to 20:00 - Enjoy Digital, 23 The Calls, Leeds, GB
📆 UmbraCymru - Umbraco Meetup, February 2024

2024-02-29 from 18:30 to 20:30 - Method4, 12-14 Trade Street, Cardiff, CF10 5DT, Cardiff, GB
📆 Simple Web Component Demo

2024-02-29 from 19:00 to 20:00 - Prominent Media Ltd, 1 Ravenglass Croft, Milton Keynes, GB
📆 Umbraco Kent Meetup - A leap year virtual social

2024-02-29 from 19:00 to 21:00 - Online event
📆 Umbraco Melbourne - March 2024 Meetup

2024-03-06 from 18:00 to 19:30 - Online on other


MVP Nominations Deadline

2024-03-01 till 23:59



📦 ContentModel.Umbraco.Taxonomy

Package for creating a simple Taxonomy in Umbraco
📦 KnowledgeWork.FAFO.SiteWarmupDashboard

The Umbraco Site Warmup Dashboard is a utility to load your entire site in iFrames to help with caching after a site deployment.
📦 Umbraco.Community.ImageSharpRemoteImages

ImageSharpCommunity.Providers.Remote is a library that provides remote image loading functionality for the ImageSharp.Web library.
📦 Umbraco.Commerce.ShippingProviders.Dhl

DHL shipping provider for Umbraco Commerce
📦 Umbraco.Commerce.ShippingProviders.Shipmondo

Shipmondo shipping provider for Umbraco Commerce
📦 Umbraco.Commerce.ShippingProviders.EasyPost

EasyPost shipping provider for Umbraco Commerce
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