New Umbraco Community Advisory Board, Umbraco Project Setup Automation, Umbraco v13 RC4 and more...

UMB.FYI 2024-06-12


Umbraco HQ

📰 Join the New Umbraco Community Advisory Board

Umbraco HQ is forming an advisory board to improve communication and support for its community members. They seek diverse individuals to help address issues with the Our Umbraco platform, community engagement, and participation, and are open to new ideas and applications.



📰 Becoming a Full Stack Developer in 2024

The article discusses the path to becoming a full stack developer, covering learning approaches, fundamentals, frontend and backend technologies, and DevOps. It emphasizes practical application, self-directed learning, and the importance of fundamentals in web development.
📰 Automate Umbraco Project Setup Using GitHub Template Repositories and Actions

Warren discusses using a PowerShell script to automate Umbraco project setup and how to further simplify it using GitHub's template repositories and Actions. He provides steps for creating a new GitHub repo from the template and explains the GitHub Action YML setup. He also addresses disabling the action and setting permissions and encourages readers to create their own GitHub template repositories or use the provided one for Umbraco projects.
📰 Lunr.js search powered by Umbraco

Lunr.js is a browser-based fulltext search engine, ideal for sites with limited content and statically generated sites. It's open source, extensible, and can be powered by Umbraco Delivery API. Pre-building the index for optimal performance is essential.
📰 Searching with Umbraco Examine: Avoid these common filtering mistakes

Jesper Mayntzhusen discusses using Umbraco's API layer on top of Lucene to filter search results in Examine. He encounters issues with multiword tags and partial word matches, and proposes solutions involving code adjustments and index transformations.
📰 .NET 6 End Of Life And Umbraco

Umbraco 9 was released to ensure safety, security, and use of the latest technology. Organizations using Umbraco 8, 10, or 12 should consider upgrading to Umbraco 13 or 14 for improved performance and new features.
📰 The Accessibility Benefits from Upgrading Umbraco

Upgrading Umbraco brings sustainability benefits, improved performance, and new features. Accessibility improvements in Umbraco Forms include labeling, instructions, HTML 5 attributes, required fields, and error handling. Umbraco Forms v13.1.0 or newer is recommended for the most accessible rendering.
📰 How to Configure the Multinode Treepicker Start Node in Umbraco

Configuring the Multinode Treepicker Start Node in Umbraco streamlines content management. Setting a start node simplifies editors' content selection process, improving efficiency and reducing complexity. The code snippet in AngularJS demonstrates the process.
📰 Enable NodeName Field Sorting in Umbraco Examine Search

This blog post discusses enabling NodeName field sorting in Umbraco Examine search, addressing the challenge of sorting search results by NodeName. It provides code and steps to adjust field definitions, rebuild the Examine index, and verify the changes, offering a practical solution to enhance search capabilities.
📰 dotnet new umbraco

Paul Seal presented a talk at Umbraco Spark, sharing commands for working with Modern Umbraco in the .NET (Core) world. The talk covered basics, Dotnet CLI, Nuget sources, installing Umbraco, adding packages, running, uSync CLI, and creating Umbraco package.
📰 Caching sitemaps while using querystrings

Owain Williams needed a sitemap index for his website with different query parameters. He fixed the caching issue by using the query string as a cache key and implemented a lock to prevent concurrent modification of the sitemap object, preventing potential DDOS attacks.
📰 Umbraco 14 is Out: What to Expect

Umbraco 14 introduces a new backoffice with modern technologies, emphasizing extensibility and flexibility, and replacing legacy tech like AngularJS. The new API layer and extension-first approach make it a future-proof choice for digital projects.


Watch & Listen

📺 Umbraco 14 Feature Tour & Setup Guide... this release is wild !!!

Umbraco 14 introduces significant changes under the hood, including a completely revamped backend UI and a new management API for enhanced data access and customization. While installation remains familiar, the update facilitates building headless websites and provides extensive new APIs. Upcoming miniseries and additional documentation will further explore these features.



📆 Codegarden 2024

DOK5000, Havnegade 20, 5000 Odense, Denmark - Monday, June 10, 2024 12:00 AM - Saturday, June 15, 2024 12:00 AM



📦 ByteAnt.ByteEditor.SaasStarterKit

A website builder that allows to create of websites quickly and easy with a user-friendly interface and true visual designer.
📦 Limetta.Umbraco.Siteimprove

This package provides an integration between Siteimprove and Umbraco CMS.





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