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📰 Umbraco Award winners 2024

The 2024 Umbraco Awards celebrated the best digital solutions, with winners including Visarc, Perplex Digital, Emergent Software, Screenmedia, Enjoy Digital, DEPT®, and GORM x ENVISION. Two packages were inducted into the Umbraco Package Hall of Fame.
📰 The Umbraco MVPs 2024

Umbraco celebrates its largest cohort of 100 MVPs for 2024, with 23 new and 77 renewed MVPs announced at the annual Codegarden conference in Odense. The community looks forward to a year of collaboration and contributions.



📰 Codegarden 2024

Rick Butterfield reflects on his experience at Codegarden over the past three years, highlighting his transition from a first-time attendee to being awarded as an MVP and eventually speaking at the conference. He discusses his favorite talks, pre-party highlights, new MVPs, impactful sessions, and his own presentation on eco-friendly websites. Rick also shares his post-conference activities and travel back home.
📰 The GDPR Benefits Of Upgrading Umbraco

Umbraco Forms Workflows allow extending form functionality with options like posting to Slack, sending email, and storing data locally. Umbraco Forms v8 introduced GDPR improvements and data retention settings, while Umbraco 9.3 added security configuration. Upgrading to Umbraco 13 or 14 is recommended for GDPR compliance.
📰 Codegarden 2024 pictures and commentary

Paul Seal expresses his love for Codegarden, emphasizing the sense of community and excitement. He details his experiences, including travel, business partner summit, pre-party, talks, and social events. He highlights specific talks, the Umbraco Awards, and the hackathon, concluding that Codegarden 2024 was the best yet.
📰 Treading the Bleeding Edge Path on a Big Umbraco Site

Umbraco 14's major back office overhaul has brought new challenges, including missing libraries and login loop issues. Despite initial hurdles, the front end worked well, but issues with the Umbraco Upload datatype and big lists of child nodes remain. Terence Burridge anticipates a smoother transition with future updates.
📰 Be careful during publishing in a multilingual Umbraco website

Editors and developers need to be cautious when publishing changes in a multilingual Umbraco website, as shared properties can lead to unintended publishing of changes in specific language variants. Best practices and workarounds are suggested to avoid critical issues.
📰 Codegarden Talk - Building Packages with Umbraco 14

Andy Butland discusses his talk at Umbraco's Codegarden, focusing on migrating commercial products to Umbraco 14. He shares code samples, slides, and speaker notes for reference, and mentions that the recorded talk will be available online.
📰 Becoming a Full Stack Developer in 2024

Nicholas Westby discusses the path to becoming a full stack developer, emphasizing the importance of learning fundamentals, choosing a frontend framework, SQL database development, ASP.NET MVC backend, CMS as a backend, Node or serverless backend, and DevOps. He stresses the need for practical application of skills and suggest various learning resources.


Watch & Listen

📺 Codegarden 2024 - Official Aftermovie

Codegarden week is a unique and friendly event, focused on community and social activities, rather than just networking. The event features fun, weird, and wonderful things, and celebrates the Best Cloud solution 2024.
🎧 Live from Codegarden 2024!

At the Umbraco Codegarden conference, we closed the show by discussing event highlights and inviting friends on stage. Thanks to the energetic live audience for making the recording enjoyable. For feedback, contact us via Twitter, email, or Umbraco Discord server.
📺 Umbraco 14 Is An Upgrade Nightmare... WTF !!!

Jon D Jones discusses the release of Umbraco 14, highlighting its controversial backend changes and the impact on website upgrades. They provide real-time guidance on upgrading from v13 to v14, emphasizing the potential challenges and implications for developers, users, and the CMS itself. The shift towards headless architecture and JavaScript customization is emphasized, with considerations for future platforming and CMS adoption.
📺 umbraCoffee LIVE @ Codegarden 2024 - Day 1

Codegarden 2024 featured global speakers discussing Umbraco, community initiatives, and the release of Umbraco 14. Talks included programming for kids, diabetes tech, AI in CMS, and the importance of teaching programming to children. Umbraco 14's new features and sustainability efforts were also highlighted.
📺 umbraCoffee LIVE @ Codegarden 2024 - Day 2

This episode of UmbraCoffee discusses recent events at Codegarden, highlighting new video, award ceremony, Umbraco coffee tradition, Umbraco Cloud team's challenges and successes, and upcoming features like flexible environments and sustainability dashboard. The conversation covers deployment process changes, Azure developer CLI, Astro tool, user testing in medical technology, and diversity of talks at the event.



📆 The Composable Commerce Series: Ecommerce Unchained.

Thu, 27 Jun 2024 11:00 - 14:00 BST - Lumiere London, Hopton Street, London, UK
📆 UmbraCymru - Umbraco Meetup, June 2024

2024-06-27 from 18:30 to 20:30 - Method4, 12-14 Trade Street, Cardiff, CF10 5DT, Cardiff, GB



📦 Common.Umbraco.StorageProviders.S3

S3 Blob Storage file system provider for Umbraco CMS
📦 Cogworks.Tinifier

Reduces the size of your JPEG and PNG images
📦 Umbraco.Community.BegeWrite

BegeWrite, an EditorJS datatype for Umbraco.





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