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UMB.FYI 2024-07-03



📰 Umbraco Community Quarterly - July 2024

Umbraco Community Quarterly highlights Codegarden 2024 success, Umbraco version 14 release, AstroJs documentation completion, new community structure, 100 MVPs celebration, meetups, upcoming festivals, and UMBRAAD for accessibility.



📰 Skrift issue #107

Featuring guest posts by Dennis Adolfi on "The Art of Lagom: Focusing on Your Core for a Sustainable Future" and Darek Szatkowski on "ARMed n Load Balanced: IaC for a Load Balanced Setup in Azure"
📰 Hvornår skal jeg opdatere mit Umbraco website?

Morten Eskildsen, CDO and partner at ZUPA, discusses the importance of updating Umbraco sites to improve security, performance, and user-friendliness. He advises on the significance of minor and major releases, the risks of technological debt, and the need to update from older versions. He emphasizes the impact of delayed updates on security, compliance, performance, and support, and recommends updating to the latest LTS version. The optimal update frequency depends on website activity, and the cost of updating varies based on the version and complexity of the site.
📰 Announcing Skrivlet

Umbraco's new package, SkrivLet, offers a more user-friendly and flexible rich text editing experience within the CMS. It aims to provide a comfortable, open, and less restrictive writing environment, similar to Word, while integrating media and link pickers. The module also includes a basic templating system and is open to user feedback for further improvements.
📰 Programmatically add a new 'Accepted file extension'

Jamie Townsend discusses the need to allow editors to upload '.mov' files as Video media type in Umbraco. He explains how to programmatically add '.mov' to the list of allowed file extensions and address potential risks and limitations. He also provides code examples for the configuration and saving process.
📰 My journey through programmatically creating Umbraco `stuff`

Jamie Townsend plans to share his experience of programmatically creating document and data types in Umbraco via Package Migrations. He aims to create isolated packages without dependencies, using Umbraco 13, and may address migration to Umbraco 14 in the future.
📰 Codegarden 2024

Owain Jones attended Codegarden, an Umbraco conference, and had a great time learning about new backoffice extensions, meeting people, and enjoying the friendly atmosphere. He regrets not taking more selfies.


Watch & Listen

🎧 DXTalk x Stephanie Peschel

n this DXTalk episode, hosts explore emotional design in e-commerce with Steph, True Digital's lead UX designer. Steph shares her UX journey, stressing the balance of usability and desirability for memorable experiences. She highlights emotional design's role in user testing, personalization, and AI tools for deeper insights.
📺 Umbraco Management API Getting Started Guide

The Umbraco management API is a new headless API in Umbraco version 14, replacing previous methods. It offers extensive endpoints for CMS interactions but requires complex authentication setup in Postman. The API can be extended with custom endpoints using C#. Additionally, enabling Swagger in production for testing custom APIs is demonstrated.
📺 Umbraco 14: Creating a Custom Property Editor

This video discusses creating a custom property editor in Umbraco 14, enabling content creators to set filters on images. It delves into code, configuration, web components, and the importance of dispatching a property value change event.
📺 Umbraco 14: Customising the Swagger API

Jacob Overgaard demonstrates building a custom Swagger API in Umbraco 14, integrating it with a back office, creating a new controller, generating a TypeScript client, and extending controllers further.
📺 Umbraco 14: The New Extension API

Umbraco 14 introduces a client-side registry for extensions, allowing registration using JavaScript code and a Json file called umbraco.package.json. This file replaces the package manifest and defines package name, version, and extensions, which can now be added at runtime using the new extension manifest format. This allows for easy addition of new functionality to projects.
📺 Umbraco 14: The New Context API

The Umbraco 14 back office introduces the context API, allowing communication through the element structure without explicit data passing, enabling extensions to interact with all parts of the application. This facilitates communication and interaction between different elements within the application.



📆 umBristol Talks - July 2024 - Codegarden Recap

2024-07-10 from 18:00 to 20:30 - true digital, 42-46 Baldwin Street, Bristol, GB


CODECABIN 2024 Application Deadline

11 July 2024 @ 11:59 PM



📦 Knowit.Umbraco.InstantBlockPreview.Headless

Instant block and grid previews from your headless app in Umbraco without saving your documents
📦 Umbraco.Community.SimpleWorkspaceViews

Simplifies C# based Umbraco 14 Workspace Views
📦 uSkinnedSiteBuilder.StarterKit.Cocina

Responsive Starter Kit & Theme design add-on for uSkinned Site Builder demonstrating a fictional Mexican Restaurant website.
📦 uSkinnedSiteBuilder.StarterKit.PublicSector

Responsive Starter Kit & Theme design add-on for uSkinned Site Builder demonstrating a fictional Public Sector website.
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