UMB.FYI is a weekly newsletter created and maintained by Matt Brailsford as a community initiative. After struggling to stay up to date with all the latest Umbraco news, and hearing similar struggles from people in the Umbraco Community, Matt decided to do something about it and created UMB.FYI.

UMB.FYI is not just a newsletter though, it's series of automatons that fetch, scrape and aggregate news from across the Umbraco ecosystem, bringing it all into one succinct feed and then summarizing and distributing it as a newsletter and various social media posts.

By leaning heavily on automation in this way, it allows everyone to stay up to date no matter when or where the interesting content is posted.

What does UMB.FYI mean?

UMB.FYI is short for "Umbraco - For Your Information" and is a home for all the important information available in the Umbraco community.