Got a hot tip?

If you've got some useful/interesting Umbraco gossip that you'd like to share with us, why not send us a tip.

What we've got covered

UMB.FYI automates pulling in a lot of content from various sources including:

  1. Umbraco HQ & Community Blogs
  2. Umbraco HQ & Community YouTube channels
  3. Umbraco Announcement & RFC GitHub repositories
  4. Umbraco Marketplace new package releases
  5. Umbraco Podcast feeds (CandidContrib, Package Mannifest & DXTalk)
  6. Blogging platform "Umbraco" tag feeds (, Hasnode & Medium)

We also pull in a bunch of event sources including:

  1. Umbraco Training Courses schedule
  2. Umbraco Festivals Calendar
  3. Umbraco Meetups calendar

For the most part, it shouldn't be necessary to notify us about anything that would otherwise get picked up by one of these sources. 

What we need your help with

Even with the above automations, some things still slip through the net.

If you find your blog isn't getting picked up, you should make sure your blog feed as been added to the community blogs RSS list found here. For new meetup groups, YouTube channels or Podcasts we have missed, then feel free to drop us a tip detailed below.

By far the hardest content for us to monitor and what we really need your help with is all those interesting ad-hoc discussions that take place across social media and the web, such as:

  1. Social Media (X and Mastodon)
  2. Forums and Discord
  3. LinkedIn
  4. GitHub Issue Trackers & PRs

How to tip

To make it easier for you and us to manage tips, we have a few endpoints and bots to simplify the process.


The Umbraco Discord channel has a UMB.FYI bot installed that allows you to notify use about great content in one of two ways.

  1. For standard reply chains, send a reply in response to the main message that you want to notify us about with the reply message content being `@UMB.FYI tip`. 
  2. For thread based message chains, send a message in the thread with the message content being `@UMB.FYI tip`. 

In both instances, if the tip was successfully posted you should receive a reply back from the UMB.FYI bot account with a `Thank you for the tip` response. If you don't receive a response, check the bot is online, and that you have used the correct syntax.


A @umbfyi bot account has been added to the Mastodon server which you can notify of interesting discussions by replying to the main/starter message of an interesting thread with the message body of `@umbfyi tip`. If the tip was successfully posted you should receive a reply back from the @umbfyi bot with a `Thank you for the tip` response. If you don't receive a response, check that you have used the correct syntax.

To help keep Mastodon from being flooded with tip messages, you can set your reply message visibility to `direct` to ensure only the @umbfyi bot sees your message.


At this time, due to X's API pricing plans, we don't have any twitter integrations. Please see the email option below.

Chrome Extension

If you are a Chrome based browser user you can install our browser extension which adds small icon in your toolbar. When you come across an interesting site, click the icon, provide a description and click submit to send your tip directly to us.


If we don't have a bot for a particular service, you can also notify us about hot tips by sending us an oldschool email to