Medium Severity Security Advisory, More 24 Days in Umbraco, CMS trends for 2024

UMB.FYI 2023-12-13


Umbraco HQ

📰 Security Advisory: Security patches for Umbraco 8, 10, 11, and 12 now available

Umbraco versions 8, 10, and 12 are affected by medium-severity issues, with patches available for the latest minor versions. Umbraco Cloud sites are automatically patched. End-of-life versions 7, 9, and 11 are vulnerable and won't receive a patch.
📰 Umbraco Forms Release 12.2 and Umbraco Deploy 4.9/10.3/11.2/12.1

New releases for Umbraco Forms and Umbraco Deploy are now available, offering new features and improvements. Umbraco Forms 12.2 includes relation tracking, dynamic response pages, and additional form state. Umbraco Deploy 4.9/10.3/12.1 introduces content import/export, migration hooks, and user attribution for content operations. Upgrades are available for existing projects, and new projects on Umbraco Cloud will run the latest versions.
📰 uProfile December 2023 - Sean Thorne

Sean Thorne shares his journey into the Umbraco Community, highlighting his contributions as a helper, craftsman, and evangelist. He emphasizes the collaborative and supportive nature of the community and discusses his current projects and future aspirations. Thorne also provides tips for newcomers and shares personal interests outside of coding.
📰 Umbraco's in-depth look at CMS trends for 2024

In 2024, Umbraco anticipates significant changes in Content Management Systems (CMS). The top trends include AI integration for personalized experiences, a focus on sustainable digital practices, enhanced security and privacy features, ROI and efficiency emphasis, and the importance of trust-building for digital success. These trends reflect Umbraco's commitment to innovation and user-friendly CMS solutions.


24 Days

📰 Headless Personalization using uMarketingSuite

Umbraco's headless architecture, including uMarketingSuite, offers personalized visitor experiences through APIs, content scoring, personas, and segments, making it easy to tailor content in both traditional and headless Umbraco environments.
📰 Why we love the Umbraco backoffice... and how to make it better

Umbraco's backoffice offers a great content management experience, but there are ways to make it even better. From creating reusable components to improving accessibility and SEO tools, small tweaks can greatly enhance the content editor's workflow and experience.
📰 Green Code: A Blueprint for Eco-Friendly Websites

Digital products and services have a significant environmental impact, but as technologists, we can write "green code" to mitigate this. Resources like the Green Software Foundation and Web Sustainability Guidelines provide standards and best practices for sustainable web design. Umbraco's Sustainability Team offers practical tips, such as keeping software up-to-date, lazy loading resources, performance testing, using CDNs, supporting dark mode, and giving users a choice to reduce a site's carbon footprint.
📰 Testing if your Umbraco website is behaving naughty or nice

Luke discusses the use of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) with SpecFlow in the .NET ecosystem for testing Umbraco. They explain setting up SpecFlow, creating a new project, defining steps, sharing state with contexts, working with WebApplicationFactory, custom app settings, and hooking into events. Also suggesting potential extensions for testing.
📰 The Strangler Fig Pattern

The Strangler Fig pattern offers a gradual approach to modernizing large legacy applications, preserving existing features while incrementally migrating to a new system. It provides enhanced control, minimizes risk, and is beneficial for complex, poorly documented codebases.
📰 Stepping outside of the company bubble

The Umbraco community enhances personal and professional growth in the tech industry by providing diverse perspectives, resources, and networking opportunities. Stepping outside the company bubble fosters innovation, skill development, and holistic growth, benefiting both individuals and companies.
📰 Code and Collaboration: A Review of my Journey as a Developer and a Core Collaborator

Georgina reflects on their journey from deploying their first code to becoming a Junior Developer and part of the Umbraco Core Collaborator Community team. They share insights, tips, and encouragement for others to join and contribute to open-source communities.



📰 Using Umbraco Authorized Services to Authenticate with an API

Owain discusses moving a Mastodon bot from a Raspberry Pi to Umbraco Cloud, encountering authentication issues, and using Umbraco Authorized Services to integrate third-party services, resolving configuration and documentation issues with the package.
📰 4 notable new features in Full Text Search for Umbraco

Umbraco's Full Text Search version 4.0.0 brings bugfixes, performance improvements, and new languages. Notable features include appsettings.json configuration, HttpClient rendering, non-content search, and caching notifications.
📰 What do we mean when we say “Umbraco”?

The term "Umbraco" encompasses more than just a CMS; it embodies a rich, open-source ecosystem consisting of the Umbraco CMS, the vibrant Umbraco Community, and Umbraco HQ. The community is a significant part of Umbraco, and it's important to understand the interplay between these components. Umbraco HQ, the company behind Umbraco, is focused on sustaining the open-source offering while also offering commercial products and support. The delicate balance between profitability and open source is an important discussion within the community.
📰 Lee's opinions on Umbraco + naming things

Lee discusses the challenges of naming things, focusing on text casing styles, general naming conventions, namespaces, .NET libraries, NuGet packages, GitHub repositories, and Umbraco CMS schema style guide. He emphasizes the importance of clear and decisive naming for public-facing web assets and shares personal experiences and best practices for naming conventions in various contexts.


Watch & Listen

📺 Umbraco Community Day

Watch live December 13th, 2023, or catch the replay afterwards.



📦 ByteAnt.DigitalAgencyStarterKit

The Digital Agency Starter Kit by ByteAnt
📦 Umbraco.Community.DeliveryApiExtensions

Extensions for the Delivery API, including typed swagger and backoffice preview of the API responses.



📆 Umbraco Community Day

2023-12-13 from 09:00 to 21:00 - Online event
📆 Headless Series: Exploring Umbraco's Headless Prowess: A Deeper Dive with Forms

2023-12-13 from 16:00 to 17:00 - Online on googleHangout
📆 umBristol × Umbraco Community Day × Xmas Social

2023-12-13 from 17:30 to 23:30 - Golden Guinea, 19 Guinea Street, Bristol, GB
📆 Milton Keynes Umbraco Meetup Christmas Get-Together

2023-12-14 from 19:00 to 20:30 - Prominent Media Ltd, 1 Ravenglass Croft, Milton Keynes, GB



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