Umbraco Spark Guide, Richtext Editor Blocks, uActivityPub Package Release and more...

UMB.FYI 2024-02-14



📰 What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is a leading CMS trusted by 700,000 companies, offering versatility, control, and high functionality. Its intuitive content management and commitment to user satisfaction make it an outstanding choice for businesses worldwide.
📰 Umbraco Bellissima WIP articles

Umbraco's new backoffice, Bellissima, is set for release in May 2024. To aid future extension developers, a list of work-in-progress links to articles and resources is being compiled. For the most up-to-date list, check out Markus Johansson's resources. Complementary content is also available from Matt Brailsford, Kevin Jump, and Lee Kelleher.
📰 Lee joined Umbraco HQ

After leaving my agency, I explored commercializing my open-source project but found it unsustainable. After freelance work, I joined Umbraco HQ's Bellissima team, focusing on Umbraco 14's backoffice development. I'm now paid to work on open-source projects, realizing my goal.
📰 An Umbraco v14 Early Adopter's Development setup

Kevin Jump discusses his experience with the new Umbraco backoffice, including using uSync in v14 and his development setup. He mentions using an Umbraco template, managing tasks, and his development environments in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
📰 Early Adopter's guide to Umbraco v14 - Property Editors - UI

Kevin Jump discusses creating a UI element for a property editor, defining its behavior, value, and configuration, and dispatching a 'property-value-change' event to update the model in Umbraco.
📰 Early Adopter's guide to Umbraco v14 - Property Editors - Config

In Umbraco v14, creating custom property editors involves defining schema, UI manifest, and backend code. The schema determines the editor's alias and configuration properties, while the UI manifest controls the appearance in the content section. Configuration can be defined in either the schema or UI manifest.
📰 Early Adopter's guide to Umbraco v14 - Upgrading a preview release

Umbraco v14 preview-005 upgrade process involves updating .nuget and npm packages, making changes to code, and troubleshooting potential issues. Despite minor changes, the upgrade seems to work smoothly.
📰 Umbraco Spark 2024: The Ultimate Guide!

The Spark conference, hosted by Gibe, includes a hackathon, pre-party, and main event with two tracks, lunch, and an after-party. Joe provides tips for attending and exploring Bristol.
📰 Is it time to build a new Umbraco site? 5 key signs

When to rebuild your Umbraco site: signs include rebranding, security and speed issues, makeshift solutions, strategy changes, team growth, financial considerations, and outdated setup, all impacting online presence and business.
📰 Umbraco headless member auth with external login providers

Umbraco 12.3 now allows content protection through the Content Delivery API. Kenn Jacobsen's demo showcases accessing content with local member logins and the addition of external login providers. The pull request details the changes made, including support for external login providers, logout functionality, and a direct option to the external login provider. A short demo video illustrates the functionality.


Watch & Listen

📺 Deep dive into Rich Text Editor: Configuring Blocks

The video explains configuring blocks in Rich Text Editor, enabling nesting content for easier structuring. It demonstrates adding a new block type, configuring its properties, appearance, and rendering. Additionally, it covers creating partial views for block rendering and concludes with a preview of the created block on the frontend.



📆 Umbraco Oslo February Meetup

2024-02-14 from 17:00 to 20:00 - Nova Consulting Group, Karl Johans gt. 16, Oslo, NO
📆 Umbraco London February: Cross-Platform, Caching and Community!

2024-02-15 from 18:30 to 20:30 - Needs a location
📆 Edinburgh Umbraco Users Group - EDINBUUG - New Year, New Venue!

2024-02-20 from 18:30 to 20:30 - Mayvn Cafe, 127 George Street, Edinburgh, GB
📆 Umbraco Sydney meetup - February 2024 - Hybrid Event

2024-02-21 from 18:00 to 20:00 - Microsoft Reactor, Level 10 / 11 York Street, Sydney, AU



📦 uActivityPub

A umbraco package user to make your installation interface with the fediverse
📦 PopUpMarketingPackage

Adds customizable pop-up features to your website
📦 AllinOneAccessibility

All in One Accessibility widget improves Umbraco website ADA compliance
📦 Skybrud.Essentials.Umbraco

Skybrud.Essentials addon for working with Umbraco 13





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