Umbraco v14 Release Candidate, Reusing Umbraco property editors, the first Umbraco v14 package release and more...

UMB.FYI 2024-04-24


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📰 Umbraco 14 Release Candidate

Umbraco 14 introduces a new Backoffice with TypeScript, LIT, Web Components, and UUI, offering more extension points for developers. It also includes a consolidated service architecture, breaking changes, and deprecations. Known issues and plans for Forms, Deploy, Commerce, and Workflow are discussed.



📰 Reusing Umbraco Properties in Umbraco v14

In Umbraco v14, when building custom editor UI it can be useful to reuse the existing property editors that Umbraco comes with. In this article Matt Brailsford discusses how to do just that.
📰 Testing Lit components created with TypeScript and Vite using Web Test Runner

With the release of Umbraco 14 approaching, Markus Johansson is updating his email package, Newsletter Studio, for the new Backoffice. He encountered challenges with testing but found a solution using Web Test Runner and a Vite plugin.
📰 Creating your own UI extension points in Umbraco v14 - Part 6: Filters & Conditions

This post discusses controlling the display of "quick actions" in an application using filtering and conditions. Filtering is used to display items based on static attributes, while conditions control display based on dynamic runtime conditions. Custom conditions can also be implemented.
📰 uMarketingSuite Product Update: April 2024 - Cockpit and performance improvements

uMarketingSuite 2.2.0 release includes enhanced performance, module permissions visibility, content variant visibility, visitor profile retrieval, bug fixes, and future developments. Visit for more details and licensing information.
📰 Eco-Friendliness in the CMS World

Gerry McGovern highlights the environmental impact of the Cloud and digital technologies, urging action to reduce energy consumption. Sustainable web design benefits businesses and aligns with legal and industry trends. CMS vendors like Umbraco are taking steps to promote sustainability.
📰 Umbraco to Relewise with Workers

Kenn Jacobsen discusses integrating Umbraco content with Relewise for personalized search and recommendation, using Umbraco webhooks and Cloudflare Workers to push product data to Relewise API. The process involves setting up webhooks, creating a Cloudflare Worker project, and pushing products to Relewise using JavaScript SDK. He emphasizes the ease of integration without requiring .NET development and highlights the Relewise demo store as a useful feature.



📆 Exploring Composable DXP and Digital Asset Management in Umbraco - Part 2

2024-04-24 from 16:00 to 17:00 - Online on googleHangout
📆 CMS Cloud Mastery: Overcoming Migration Challenges

Apr 24, 2024 05:00 PM - Online event
📆 umBristol Talks - April 2024

2024-04-24 from 18:00 to 20:00 - Wattle, 470 Bath Road, Bristol, GB
📆 UmbraCymru - Umbraco Meetup, April 2024

2024-04-25 from 18:30 to 20:30 - Method4, 12-14 Trade Street, Cardiff, CF10 5DT, Cardiff, GB
📆 Umbraco Kent Meetup - April 2024 (Online)

2024-04-25 from 19:00 to 21:00 - Online event
📆 Umbraco CMS April Meetup

2024-04-30 from 18:30 to 20:30 - Citibase Edinburgh St Colme Street



📦 Umbraco.Community.Sanitiser

An Umbraco package for automatically clearing out personal data
📦 Dragonfly.Umbraco10

A collection of Umbraco 10+ Helpers & Models (min. Umbraco 10.0.0)
📦 Dragonfly.Umbraco13.SiteAuditor

A collection of tools to extract data about an Umbraco 13 site
📦 ExaminePeek

A simple package to help view a specific Umbraco content node and see its stored values in the Umbraco External index.



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