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UMB.FYI 2024-06-26


Umbraco HQ

📰 uProfile June 2024 - Jen Wolke

Jen Wolke shares her journey into the Umbraco community, from attending her first conference to becoming an MVP and joining the Umbraco Cloud Advisory Board. She highlights the welcoming nature of the community and offers tips for getting involved.



📰 Using external authentication providers and JWT Tokens with Umbraco members

Andrew McKaskill discusses integrating Umbraco with an external authentication provider and JWT token middleware. He details setting up Auth0, configuring Umbraco for external login, adding JWT bearer token middleware, and changing the default authentication scheme. The process allows using JWT tokens to authenticate as standard Umbraco members.
📰 Tag-style exact-matching multiple strings when searching with Examine in Umbraco

Searching for exact strings in Examine can be complex due to tokenization and inconsistencies. Store values as raw to avoid token splitting. Use the TransformingIndexValues event to split repeatable text strings into atomic values. This ensures accurate search results for exact matches.
📰 Umbraco CodeGarden24

Reflecting on CodeGarden24, I see a strong Umbraco community, with new faces and engaging content. The event showcased growth and inclusivity, but could improve in diversity and food options. Excited for the future.
📰 Migration from 8 to 13 - A Basic Step-by-Step Guide - Part 1

This guide outlines a step-by-step approach for migrating an Umbraco project from version 8 to 13, including database migration, uSync migrations, code steps, and the importance of flexibility in adapting to specific situations. The author emphasizes the need for validation and flexibility in the migration process.
📰 Codegarden 2024: Unicorns, Giraffes and an Evil Rabbit

Codegarden, the biggest Umbraco event, featured Padel tournament, sessions, awards, and networking. Corne won an MVP award, enjoyed the themed pre-party, and highlighted inspiring sessions.
📰 Codegarden 2024 - My thoughts

Owain Williams attended Codegarden 2024 in Denmark with the Gibe team. The week included travel, workshops, social events, and the conference. He felt happier and more connected this year, but noted some areas for improvement, and praised the organization and social aspects of the event.


Watch & Listen

📺 Codegarden 2024 - Umbraco Keynote

Umbraco's director stresses community engagement at Code Garden 2024, highlighting Umbraco's growth, new features like flexible environments in Umbraco Cloud, sustainability efforts, and transparency. They preview a sustainability dashboard, discuss CO2 emissions management, updates in Umbraco products, and future developments, including Umbraco 14 features and lighthouses guiding Umbraco's future. 23 new Umbraco MVPs are welcomed.
📺 Codegarden 2024 - Umbraco Awards 2024

The Codegarden 2024 Awards ceremony featured various categories and winners, with humorous banter between the hosts. The event recognized outstanding contributions to the Umbraco package ecosystem, including the induction of two packages into the Package Hall of Fame. Winners were celebrated, and the audience was encouraged to join in the celebration responsibly and attend the upcoming events.




📆 Your first Codegarden is over, what's next?

2024-06-26 from 16:00 to 17:00 - Online on zoom
📆 The Composable Commerce Series: Ecommerce Unchained.

Thu, 27 Jun 2024 11:00 - 14:00 BST - Lumiere London, Hopton Street, London, UK
📆 UmbraCymru - Umbraco Meetup, June 2024

2024-06-27 from 18:30 to 20:30 - Method4, 12-14 Trade Street, Cardiff, CF10 5DT, Cardiff, GB
📆 Dutch Umbraco Meet-up, by iO

2024-07-04 from 17:00 to 21:00 - iO | Digital agency | Den Bosch, Magistratenlaan 4, 's-Hertogenbosch, NL



📦 Umbraco.Community.SimpleWorkspaceViews

Simplifies C# based Umbraco 14 Workspace Views
📦 Umbraco.Community.SkrivLet

SkrivLet, A clean WYSIWYG property editor for distraction free writing in Umbraco.
📦 uSkinnedSiteBuilder.StarterKit.Education

Responsive Education Starter Kit & Theme design add-on for uSkinned Site Builder
📦 uSkinnedSiteBuilder.StarterKit.RealEstate

Responsive Real Estate Starter Kit & Theme design add-on for uSkinned Site Builder
📦 uSkinnedSiteBuilder.StarterKit.JobBoard

Responsive Job Board Starter Kit & Theme design add-on for uSkinned Site Builder
📦 uSkinnedSiteBuilder.StarterKit.Shop

Responsive Shop Starter Kit & Theme design add-on for uSkinned Site Builder





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