Umbraco Community Quarterly, Routable custom data in delivery API, US Fest 2024 dates announced and more...

UMB.FYI 2024-05-01


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📰 Umbraco Community Quarterly - April 2024

The Umbraco Developer Relations team engaged in global events, including Umbraco Spark, hackathons, and upcoming US Festival. They also participated in FOSDEM, Open UK, and the Microsoft MVP Summit, and shared updates on Bellissima and community engagement.



📰 Using the Command Pattern to Re-Apply Changes to an Observable Model in Umbraco Bellissima

In Umbraco v14, observable models are introduced to provide reactivity for components displaying up-to-date data. To address potential issues with handling user input, Matt Brailsford suggests using the command pattern to encapsulate modifications, store them, and reapply them when needed. This approach ensures user modifications are maintained if the observed model changes.
📰 Routable custom data in the Delivery API

Kenn Jacobsen discusses routing custom data entities through the Umbraco Delivery API using the content path provider and resolver feature, demonstrating how to expose custom data entities and perform advanced queries. The implementation involves extending the Delivery API, creating custom published content, and addressing limitations.
📰 How to stop search engines indexing media and assets in Umbraco

Paul Seal shows how to prevent search engines from indexing media and static assets by adding code to set the robots header to "noindex, nofollow" for specific files in Umbraco 10 and above.
📰 It’s all about love: Headless with Umbraco Heartcore

Umbraco Heartcore is a headless CMS offering flexibility, scalability, and efficient content management across various platforms. It provides a smooth transition from traditional CMS, integrates GraphQL, and offers features like multilingual support, user roles, revision history, and analytics. It also includes Umbraco Cloud hosting, Umbraco Forms, and Umbraco Deploy. Getting started involves understanding headless CMS, setting up Umbraco Heartcore, exploring its possibilities, defining content architecture, integrating with frontend applications, and analyzing and optimizing the system.
📰 Enhancing Asynchronous Data Fetching in Umbraco v14 with Lit Async Directives

Umbraco Commerce uses interconnected models for backoffice display, requiring efficient data fetching. Lit's async directives enable easy request handling, improving UI performance and user experience.


Watch & Listen

📺 Webinar: CMS Cloud Mastery - Overcoming migration challenges

Transitioning to a cloud CMS is crucial for businesses in today's digital landscape, promising improved online presence and efficiency. Chris Osterhout from Diagram shared insights on overcoming challenges in this migration, targeting digital leaders, IT professionals, and content managers.
📺 umbraCoffee - The (v14) Struggle Continues

In the latest episode of umbraCoffee (v14), the team discusses the evolving Umbraco v14 journey, challenges, and upcoming release plans. They explore issues with release candidates, migration pains, and adapting to new UI concepts. The conversation touches on the significance of version 13 as a long-term support release and considerations for adopting version 14.



📆 Umbraco Sydney meetup - May 2024 - Hybrid Event

2024-05-07 from 18:00 to 20:00 - Microsoft Reactor, Level 10 / 11 York Street, Sydney, AU
📆 Workshop - Getting Started with the new Back Office in Umbraco 14

2024-05-09 from 18:00 to 20:00 - Enjoy Digital, 23 The Calls, Leeds, GB



📦 Umbraco.Community.Sustainability

A package from the Umbraco Community Sustainability Team which helps developers and editors see and improve the carbon impact of their websites.
📦 Dragonfly.Umbraco10

A collection of Umbraco 10+ Helpers & Models (min. Umbraco 10.0.0)
📦 Umbraco.Community.Sanitiser

An Umbraco package for automatically clearing out personal data
📦 Umbraco.Community.Sanitiser.Forms

When enabled, this package will automatically remove Umbraco Forms submissions and associated file uploads from your Umbraco website on startup.





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